Fine Art

Students opting for Art will follow the AQA Fine Art syllabus at A Level.


A Level Fine Art

Like GCSE Art, there are 2 Units.

Unit 1 (coursework portfolio)

The first unit is a coursework project and makes up 60% of your grade. It will be based around the theme of ‘Portraits’

During this unit you will-

  • explore a range of techniques and materials
  • be shown how to draw more accurately from observation
  • create striking images with strong tone
  • collect images for inspiration and develop your own ideas.

You will  respond to the work of artists, photographers and other found imagery relevant to your line of enquiry.

You will use images and annotations to show how your creative thought processes have developed.

In the first term you will be shown how to draw and paint accurately using a range of materials and techniques. You will then be supported in developing your own ideas and personal areas of interest.

Drawing and painting will be an important part of the course but you can also explore photography, digital image manipulation, video and sculpture.

Unit 2 (externally set assignment)

After Christmas of the second year, you will be given an exam paper with a choice of starting points for a project that ends with a controlled test (just like GCSE).

You will plan your own project with the support and coaching of the Art Staff.

This unit makes up 40% of your mark.


There are 4 areas that you will be assessed on. They are very similar to GCSE and are-

  • Demonstrating analytical and critical understanding when looking at artists.
  • Handling a range of media, materials and techniques.
  • Recording through accurate drawing and painting.
  • Personalising and developing ideas and responses.

Homework- you will need to continue your classwork and do research in your free lessons and at home. You will need to spend 2 or 3 hours per week. There is a dedicated 6th form Art room that is available for you to use during your ‘free’ periods.

Recent students’ final pieces have included-

  • Painting
  • Mixed media
  • Collections of paintings
  • Sculpture
  • Installation
  • Video


Contact Mr Green directly for more information on this course.

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