English Language

A different language is a different version of life


English Language is a fascinating subject which will help you understand the world and become a better writer.


Whether it’s learning how words are manipulated for political rhetoric, exploring the language journey of young children or honing your journalistic skills with a feature article, this course will entertain, inform and excite you.


The course builds on the skills of GCSE English but does not explore whole texts in great detail. Whatever course or career you are considering in the future, English Language will give you a valuable set of skills. This subject is for everyone who loves words.

Course Structure and Organisation

The course is taught in units in which students are assessed via internal assessments and a portfolio of non examined assessment (NEA). 

In Year 12, students will explore some of the ways in which language works in the world around us.  They will explore how writers manipulate language to create meanings and representations and consider how they use language themselves.  Students will also studies language varieties and consider how language varies according to gender, social class, region and profession.

In Year 13, students will explore attitudes to language and how these are presented in discourses in the media. They will consider the impact of English around the world and explore how children learn to speak, read and write.  Year 13 students will also finalise their NEA portfolios, which will include a piece of original writing and a commentary and a language investigation.

English Language
Summer module – Categorise Texts and Social Contexts Coursework – Creating Texts.
Summer module – Language Development Coursework – Investigating Language Weighting The coursework element is worth 40% of the overall assessment for A2, 20% in Year 12 and 20% in Year 13. For AS only, coursework is 40%.

Course requirements

One grade 5 and one grade 6 or higher at GCSE English Language and Literature or 2 grade 5’s with teacher recommendation.

What type of student is this course suitable for?

This course works well with all courses especially those that are essay based.

Where could this course take you?

English Language A-level is beneficial for a wide range of higher education courses and careers beyond because of the transferable skills it offers. It is particularly useful for those wanting to study further English, History, Journalism, Media, Social Sciences and communication-based courses at university.


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