English Literature

Books crowbar the world open for you!


English Literature is a challenging but rewarding exploration of a wide variety of texts in great detail. As well as enjoying the books for their own sake, you will practise your critical thinking skills, improve your debating technique and polish your written style.

Throughout the course you will be encouraged to appreciate the significance of cultural and historical influences upon writers and readers and the contexts for which they were written. Literature is a long established and highly regarded academic discipline which deals with the big questions of life, love, death and why we are here.

Module Coursework Title
Summer module War Literature Poetry Coursework War Literature Prose and Drama
Summer module Love through the Ages Coursework Shakespeare and two other texts


The coursework element is worth 40% of the overall assessment for A2, 20% in Year 12 and 20% in Year 13. For AS only, coursework is 40%.

Course requirements

B in both GCSE English Language and English Literature

What type of student is this course suitable for?

If you are a thoughtful, strong-minded committed reader then you stand to gain a great deal from this course. You will need to read widely and independently and be prepared to articulate informed and relevant responses.

Where could this course take you?

Further literary study and careers in the written arts are the obvious outcomes and this course is highly respected academically by top universities. A student of literature is a reader for life and the analysis and experience of a range of literary texts will be transferable in almost every profession.


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