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The Mathematics Department at Stokesley Sixth Form College is offering an exciting package of courses based on the OCR specifications. These specifications will provide:

A complete course in Mathematics for those who do not wish to proceed further in the subject
A firm mathematical foundation for those who wish to proceed to further study or employment
Support for those who are taking AS or A level courses in other subjects.

The Structure of the Mathematics Course

The OCR Mathematics AS/ A level course is a modular course, consisting of three units for an AS award and another three units to form the A level award.

AS Mathematics will be available as a one-year course and consists entirely of units assessed at AS standard. This is aimed primarily at students who wish to do

some mathematics in the Sixth Form, but do not wish to do a full A Level. This is particularly useful for students who will be using mathematics in their other subjects. It will also form the first half of the course for most A Level Mathematics students.

The OCR specifications offer students flexibility. There will be at least two different options available leading to the normal A Level Mathematics qualification. This enables students to place a greater emphasis on areas of mathematics of their own choice that are appropriate to their plans for the future. The choice is widened further by AS and A Level courses in Further Mathematics.

All Mathematics courses contain Core (C) material, which covers the essential parts of Pure Mathematics (Algebra, Trigonometry and Calculus etc.). C1 and C2 comprise the AS core; C3 and C4 comprise the A2 core.

The core material therefore represents two-thirds of the AS and A level courses. Candidates will also sit Applications units from Mechanics (M), Statistics (S) or Decision Mathematics (D).

An A level can consist of six units (e.g. C1, C2, C3, C4, D1, S1/ M1) or three A2 units (e.g. C1, C2, C3, C4, M1, M2).


We also offer an alternative Level 3 Core Maths qualification to the traditional Maths A Level. This is equivalent to an AS level and carries the same UCAS points. The students study the course for 2 lessons a week over the two years of sixth form. It looks at the use of Mathematics and its applications. This course will be more suitable to students who achieve grades C and B (grades 4/5/6 on the new specifications) at GCSE who still wish to continue studying Mathematics but have usually found the traditional A Level very challenging.


Unit C1 is entirely non-calculator. In all other units, scientific or graphical calculators are allowed.


There is no limit on the number of times that a student may re-sit a unit.

What type of student is this course suitable for?

This is a very academic course suitable for students who would like to develop their mathematical skills to a high level. You should be confident in applying mathematical techniques to unfamiliar situations and enjoy developing your algebraic skills.

Where could this course take you?

Studying both A Level Mathematics and A Level Further Mathematics provides a foundation for further studies in any science or maths-based course, including: engineering, physics, chemistry, computer science, medical science and psychology; also statistcs, management and actuarial science. The top universities prefer students who have studied further mathematics.


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