Modern Foreign Languages

Everyone smiles in the same language.


There is a lot of evidence that firms in the UK are actively recruiting staff who can speak another language for a whole range of careers.

Many companies cite communication and language skills as essential when looking for new staff. As competition for university places increases, communication skills may be what make you stand out from the crowd! Nowadays there are so many combined degree courses, law/accountancy / science / medicine with languages – leading to a wide range of exciting career opportunities. It is also a skill for life. t makes sense to study a language in the Sixth Form!

The course builds on all of the work done at GCSE.

Course Structure and Organisation

You will learn to use French or German in a wide range of situations, the aim being a high level of fluency at the end of the course.The topics are really varied so will greatly improve your linguistic ability and also learn about culture, history and society.You will be examined in May of Y12 and June of Y13 for all units involving written work.The speaking exam will take place in April / May. This is conducted by your teacher.

Module 1
AS level involves 2 units A speaking exam(15 minutes) A listening, reading and writing exam – (2 hours 15 minutes)
Reading and Listening material at AS will be drawn from the following broad subject areas:
Media / New media Advertising
Family life and patterns
Food and Drink Travel
Transport and Holidays
The Arts
Daily Life
Pastimes Education
Module 2
A2 level involves 2 units A speaking exam (15 minutes) A listening, reading and writing exam – (2 hours 30 minutes)
Reading and Listening material at A2 will be drawn from the following broad subject areas:
Social Issues
Immigration and integration
Equal Opportunities
The Environment
Education Law and Order
Pastimes Education


Grade B or above

What type of student is this course suitable for?

The course is linear and students sit all exams at the end of two year’s study.  They will study current issues and trends in French-speaking society, as well as aspects of artistic culture and political life. In addition they will develop their knowledge of advanced vocabulary and grammatical structure.  Time with a native speaker each week will enable students to quickly develop their confidence and competence in spoken French.

Where could this course take you?

Jobs directly related to a French degree can include interpreting or translating, as well as journalism.  Other possibilities would be the Diplomatic Service, international law, marketing and international aid or development and the Intelligence Service to name but a few! Language skills are highly sought after by employers: the Confederation of British Industry has stated that the UK economy loses over £48,000,000,000 per year due to a lack of language skills amongst the British workforce.


Contact Mrs Drumm directly for more information on this course.

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