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The aim of the course is to get students thinking. Students are encouraged to appreciate the wonder of the Universe and the laws which govern it.

We try to make the physics we cover exciting and relevant by setting it in a variety of contexts, illustrating connections with everyday life. Students also have opportunities to develop their own interests.

There is a lot of discussion, exploration of ideas and questioning. Students who do well are those that show initiative and Studying A Level Mathematics alongside this course is strongly advised.

Year 1

In your first year of the course you will look deeper into the atom and discover the particles that are observed at CERN. You will also delve into the strange world of quantum mechanics and see how the universe doesn’t behave how you would assume it should. For those interested in taking a career in engineering or mechanics, you will gain a higher understanding of material properties, projectile motion and electricity.

Year 2

In your second year, your understanding of mechanics will be pushed even further. You will focus away from Earth and towards the star and planets, using the laws of gravity to identify how they affect each other’s movements. You will study how electromagnetism has changed the world dramatically. Finally, you will get an opportunity to look back in time at some of the most important scientific experiments that have ever been.

What type of student is this course suitable for?

This course is suitable for students who have a keen interest in understanding how the universe works, from the incredibly small to the unimaginably large. Many students who take A-Level Physics want to carry on to be engineers and mechanics, but areas such as medicine and research are also perfect areas to move into.
A successful A-Level Physics student should be meticulous in their approach to experiments and investigations; a huge element of Physics is understanding how precise and accurate your results are. They should be strong mathematically, but also have an ability to describe phenomena which is very abstract and does not always give you an “obvious” answer.


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