The safety and security of our students and staff are of paramount importance to us.

Having a safe environment is so important for a student so that they can devote their efforts to being successful on their courses. There are full-time safety officers whose sole task is to keep the site safe and to look out for any possible threats to our students and staff.

Staff training takes place to ensure key staff are fully aware of the latest developments in safeguarding and that they are able to deal with any situations which may arise.

Any student who feels unsafe or who feels there is a threat to their well-being, should speak to a member of staff straightaway. To read more about our safeguarding guidelines please read our Safeguarding policy.


The College has installed the most advanced monitoring system on all computers used by students so that any inappropriate use can be spotted. Anything which raises concerns about a student’s well-being appears within minutes in a report sent to the Safeguarding Officers. Potential bullying, a student suffering with anxiety & depression, inappropriate language; these are all things which we have been able to pick up and act upon. We do not spy on students and only receive reports on items of concern. Keeping our students safe whilst using a computer is vital.


Under the Counter Terrorism and Security Act 2015, the College has a legal duty to work to prevent young people from being drawn into terrorism and extremism. If you have any concerns, either in relation to your own situation, or that of other students, please speak to any member of staff, who will refer you to the Designated Safeguarding Lead. Further information is available on  and at

Mental Health

We have a confidential counselling service for students who are in need of support with their mental health and when appropriate we refer students to external agencies, often within the NHS. Students are able, within the College, to participate in sessions and join groups aimed at providing support for dealing with the more stressful aspects of life.  Examples of these are: mindfulness sessions, music therapy and a personal development group.


This is not tolerated in the College. Cases of bullying are rare but when they do occur we deal with them immediately.

First Aid

The College has a significant number of staff who are fully trained in First Aid and who are able to deal with most situations which might arise in a College. Students in need can access support from Student Services or through their tutors.

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