Applied Science

Impossible is not a scientific term.


Applied Science is an alternative to a traditional science A level. The emphasis is on assessment by portfolio rather than by examination. The subject matter is topical and relevant to all areas of life and work.

It is the course for students interested in science in real life situations and contemplating a science related career, for example nursing, sports science and management courses. This course is suitable for all students who have studied any type of duel or triple award science at GCSE.

Module 1

Unit Section
Portfolio Unit Investigating science at work.
Examined Unit Energy transfer systems.
Practical Unit Finding out about substances.

Module 2

Medical Physics examined unit. Here students have the opportunity to learn about the uses of physics in medicine.
Sports science unit where students conduct their own research and investigate how sports science is used in the workplace.
The planning and carrying out of a scientific investigation.


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