Sixth Form Handbook

Welcome to the Sixth Form!

We welcome you as the senior members of Stokesley School, your next two years should be successful and enjoyable and we hope that your time with us will be memorable. During these crucial years you will become an adult in the eyes of the Law, you will be able to vote and you will probably learn to drive. In the Sixth Form too, we hope that you will develop from a school pupil who has been largely dependent upon your teachers to becoming a responsible, self-starting, highly motivated student with a clear vision of how you want your life to be and realising that you are the person who will determine that.

This Student Handbook is intended to help you to understand the specific procedures of the Sixth Form. It is part survival guide, part reference book to refer to on many occasions throughout the year.

Sixth Form Team

  • Mrs Knapper
    Mrs Knapper Head of Sixth Form
  • Mr Beattie
    Mr Beattie Assistant Head of Sixth Form

Sixth Form Tutors

Year 12 (2019/20)                                  Year 13 (2019/20)

Mr Beattie                                                      Miss Coleman

Miss Hall                                                        Mrs Fazakerley

Mrs Jeal                                                          Mr Brooks

Ms Tabbener                                                 Mrs Tweddle

Mr Stevens

Your Sixth Form Tutor will be the central figure during your time in the Sixth Form and they will be the first point of contact for yourselves and your parents. Your tutors will get to know you very well and will review your progress throughout the course, providing valuable support and guidance when necessary.

We sincerely hope that your two years in the Sixth Form will be happy and stress-free. However, some students will face some problems. Please do not keep these to yourself: you can talk confidentially to your tutor or to any of the Sixth Form Team and we want to do everything we can to support you. We can often help with practical matters such as arranging extensions on work deadlines, extra examination time, explanatory letters to universities and examination boards, but we can also direct you to professional support if necessary and most importantly, we will listen. 


Registration for all Sixth Form students is done during Lesson 1, whether you are with your Sixth Form Tutor group or House Tutor group or attending Friday Assembly. During Sixth Form tutorials students will be helped to develop effective study and research skills. Students’ progress will be closely monitored by their tutors and intervention and support will be provided.

Fifth Period

Sixth Form students will still have 5 timetabled periods for each of their subjects. They will have a designated subject specific Period 5 of directed study time per A. level subject. This is not just “Private Study”: it is directed work integral to A level courses with the additional benefits of helping to develop student research and study skills. Students will be timetabled in specific areas, they will be registered and complete P5 work either in subject bases, or in the OLC or in the Sixth Form Study Centre. Student attendance at P5 lessons will be compulsory and absences followed up. The Sixth Form Study Centre IS just that and will be a supervised area for quiet study. Students will also have access to the OLC and other subject bases to study. We have invested in a large bank of tablets and chromebooks to ensure that the students have the resources they need to study effectively.

Year 12 Probationary Month

To ensure that Year 12 make an effective start to their A level studies they need to complete the first month successfully. This is an assessment of attitude and application, not of progress. At the end of September, they will be assessed by their subject teachers who will record whether the students have passed in all of the following categories: Attendance, Punctuality, Concentration in Class and Meeting Work Deadlines. If a student fails in any category, parents will be informed and the students will need successfully to complete another month’s probationary period.

Identification Lanyards

Sixth Form students do not wear a school uniform but it is very important that they wear their Identification Lanyards at all times while on the school site. This is a Health & Safety requirement which applies to all members of staff too. At the start of Year 12 every student will be issued with an Identification Lanyard which bears their photograph. The school will pay for the lanyad but if a student does not have his/her lanyard they have to obtain a temporary Sixth Form badge. If a student loses their official lanyard they will have to pay for a replacement. These enable Sixth form students to open the security gates situated across the school site. 

Attendance and Punctuality

You will be expected to maintain a 95%+ record of attendance and excellent punctuality to registration and to all lessons. Figures for Attendance will be analysed every two weeks and Punctuality will also be carefully monitored. You will need to inform your Sixth Form Tutor and Mrs. Blair, (School Attendance Officer), in advance of any planned absences, e.g. medical appointment, university open days, driving tests, etc. Like the staff, you will be expected to arrange non-emergency visits to the doctor or dentist out of school hours or during your study periods. Similarly, driving lessons must not be arranged during lesson time and this includes Lesson 1 Registration/ Tutorial sessions.

All absences must be accounted for; the most effective way is via e-mail to Mrs. Blair.

If a student’s attendance falls below 95%, the following protocol will be followed:

  • The tutor will be asked to speak to the student
  • If the situation persists in the following fortnight; the student will be seen by Mrs. Stanley (Year 13) or Miss. Coleman or Mr. Beattie, (Year 12).
  • If the pattern of poor attendance continues parents will be informed of the situation and it may be necessary for a member of the Sixth Form Team to meet with parents to discuss the way forward.

As a Sixth Form student, you have the right to be out of school when you do not have a lesson, but like the staff, you have the responsibility to sign in and out. The Year 12 and 13 Signing In/Out Books are situated on a small shelf at the main entrance to the Sixth Form Block. This practice is very important and has a serious purpose; it is to ensure that there is an accurate record of who is on the premises. This is particularly important in the event of an emergency, such as a fire. It is also important that no individuals who are not members of the Sixth Form enter the Sixth Form building. Even former pupils should not enter the Sixth Form Block without permission. If permission is granted, they must sign in as a visitor at the Main Entrance of the Main School.

Family Holidays

Your time in the Sixth Form is remarkably short compared to all you have to do. We cannot state too strongly our view that time taken out for family holidays at any stage of the year has a detrimental effect on student progress and we do not view requests of this sort lightly.

Target Grades

Your A level Target Grades will be calculated on the basis of your GCSE points score. It may be that these Target Grades fall below what you and your teachers think you can achieve. In this case you will be given the opportunity, in consultation with subject specialists and your Sixth Form tutor, to set your own Aspirational Targets. Regular Progress Checks will chart how you are doing and the information will be sent out to parents. If a student is underachieving they will be provided with academic support and an Individual Educational Plan will be established.

Face -to -Face meetings involving students, Sixth Form tutors and parents will be scheduled on a need-to basis. Parents and students will also have the opportunity to meet the Sixth Form Team, their tutors and subject teachers at the scheduled Parents’ Consultation Evenings.

Posts of Responsibility and Stokesley School Service

The new Head Boy, Head Girl and Senior Prefect have been appointed House Captains, Sports Captain and Prefects will also be chosen at the start of the new school year. Other Year 13 and also Year 12 students can take up new responsibilities and provide support for younger students in lessons as part of Stokesley School Service.  A Jobs Board will be established in the Upstairs Study Area. Teachers in a variety of departments would welcome the help of Sixth Form students in their lessons; watch out for the notices!

Sixth Form Committee

Each Sixth Form Tutor Group will nominate a student to sit on the Sixth Form Committee. This Committee is your opportunity to make your views known and for you to make a real contribution to enriching the Sixth Form experience. The Committee will meet once a month and will be chaired alternately by the Head Boy and Head Girl, all students will have access to the minutes of these meetings on the ILE.

Dress Code

As you are aware, we do not have a Sixth Form uniform, however, we do expect certain standards of dress. You should dress in a business-like, if casual way. No low slung trousers, torn jeans and no low cut skimpy tops and tiny denim shorts with black tights!


It is likely that you will learn to drive during the course of your Sixth Form career and students are often lucky enough to have their own car. Unfortunately, there are no available parking spaces on site for student vehicles. Please do not park in either the Staff Car Park at the front of school or the Leisure Centre ground at the back of the Sixth Form Block. For a nominal fee, Sixth Form students are able to park in spaces at Stokesley Sports and Cricket Club.


As stated in the Sixth Form Contract, there is to be no smoking on or near the school premises. The health grounds for not smoking are irrefutable, and this, together with the poor example it gives to younger pupils, and the poor impression of our school it gives to the public, mean that we take this rule very seriously.

Paid Work

Some students take on a part-time job during the Sixth Form. Whilst this brings financial rewards and a valuable insight into the world of work, it does come with a warning. A level courses are demanding and require consistent effort and application. You must avoid excessive or late hours. Your priority must be your academic work, you should be aware from the outset that all the research shows that students who work long hours out of school, more than ten hours a week has a measurable impact, rarely do as well as those who retain a sense of balance.

Respecting the Sixth Form Environment 

A huge amount of work and expense have gone into making the Sixth Form building a better teaching and learning environment and this has been done for your benefit – so, respect it.

The Common Room 

This is largely your space, but it is also part of the whole school and needs to be looked after. Please keep it clean and tidy, anyone seen damaging furniture or the fabric of the Common Room will be permanently banned. Unfortunately, the walls and floors of the Common Room are not soundproof, so music is not allowed during lesson time.

The Upstairs Study Area

This area has been refurbished and decorated and is now a much more welcoming and pleasant place to work. Use it! Again, please put all litter in the bin.

The Downstairs Study Area

Quiet discussion is encouraged in both of the study areas but remember that lessons will be being conducted in the upstairs classrooms and please respect the right of other students to work in a peaceful atmosphere.


Respecting the school environment is extremely important and so is doing our bit to help save the planet. Therefore, you will find recycling bins in the Common Room and the Upstairs Study area where you can recycle plastic bottles and cans. Please make sure that they are empty when you put them in the bin and do not put rubbish into the recycling bins!

Stokesley Sixth Form is a very welcoming, successful, stimulating and friendly place to learn. Make the most of your opportunities and enjoy!


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